web-development-mobileLast year, Google has introduced a new development framework for various website technologies called AMP. Web developers, and web designers now are thinking about this new framework and how it may help them create a better optimized mobile experience.

But what is the AMP Framework that Google introduced? AMP is a framework that will make your mobile website faster and accelerated. so that, a web site using the new AMP framework should load faster and offer better UX design when compared with normal mobile pages.

As you may already know. We love working with WordPress as our CMS of choice; due to several reasons:

  1. it is easy to use CMS so that our clients will be able to manage their websites easily.
  2. WordPress has adopted modern web technologies and APIs that makes the development for WordPress a lot easier than before
  3. Huge plugin selection for every development scenario you may consider . This will help you create complex development projects in no time.
  4. Great online support as it is an open source system that has the biggest market share of all CMSs used on the web.

Now, with that being said, Do you think you should use AMP on your wordpress website? Is it easy to deploy it? let’s answer this question.

AMP New HTML Elements

Most HTML elements are changed in the AMP framework. This will make you use less HTML elements and less Javascript code to run things.

But that isn’t all AMP is about. AMP also has it’s unique elements, such as: amp-img, amp-twitter, amp-video, and amp-analytics..

As you can see, a lot of these elements are about loading media, and other online 3rd party elements a lot faster by using these special tags. Because ads, and media often load very slowly on mobile devices especially with slow internet or data plans.

Keep in mind that, a lot of these elements may not be supported by all browsers as AMP is still in it’s early development stages, and a better browser support will come as the development progress, and more web developers start using this new technology.

AMP on WordPress

WordPress has now a free AMP framework plugin to help you using AMP without a lot of development work and time. However, it is still limited in alot of ways. You design on mobile will not be as flexible as before. You will also have to make sure that it is compatible     with other plugins, and themes as it may not work well with existing plugins and code.

Start Learning Web Development Now

If you are new to the web development industry, it may be advisable to learn the latest technologies like AMP with other programming language so that you will up-to-date. Learning web development and programming in general is the future now. The world is moving to a new digital era and if you want to be part of it; you should act now.